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Saketa Vaksana was founded by a team of young and committed professionals with extensive experience and years of domain expertise in diversified fields such as Construction, Marketing and Business, Saketa Vaksana has established a strong reputation for executing varied projects that caters to customers needs. The word Saketa means Heaven, thus a place where God resides and Vaksana means nourishing, invigorating, refreshing and fertile place.
Based in Hyderabad, Saketa Vaksana deals in execution of residential, commercial and farmland development projects in and around Hyderabad. Leveraging our cumulative experiences and knowledge in executing projects, we not only deliver projects of aesthetic beauty and architectural excellence, but also deliver projects on time and within budget, while adhering to strict quality control and safety measures. The objective is to develop projects those sustain high quality of living leading to sustainable communities, and simultaneously protecting the environment.
At Saketa Vaksana, we have a highly-skilled and motivated workforce, competent in a wide variety of areas, which enables us to effectively take on challenging projects and implement them. We take pride in our commitment to maintain the standard of our quality and remain at the leading edge of our segment while constantly finding new ways to provide the best facilities with amenities to our customers.
Our goal is to deliver quality projects and value for money to our clients..

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