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5 Tips to Choose the Best Builders to Buy a Property copy

5 Tips to Choose the Best Builders

Check the quality of Construction

The first and foremost aspect that we consider is the quality of the construction. The quality of your property depends on the quality of the specifications that are used in the construction.


It is always a curious point to know what kind of specifications that a builder uses in your construction. It is vital to know how many amenities the builder provides.

Legal procedures

From a legal point of view, you have to check that the builder is complying with all the legal procedures that are required in the process of construction of Property. As per RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) rules in Telangana, it specifies that the builders should register the project and its specifications with RERA. You have to follow a step by step procedure and with a checklist of documentation to ensure that your builder should comply with the right practices.

  • 1. Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) and Commencement Certificate (CC)
  • 2. Ask for approval of drawings and plan of the project
  • 3. Check the actual price of the property
  • 4. Inquire about the actual size of the property
  • 5. Ask for information about the undivided share in the land which has to Registered before   the    commencement of construction
  • 6. Try to secure permission to visit a model flat/house
  • 7. Ask for Occupancy Certificate (OC)
  • 8. Completion Certificate


Ask for the testimonies of the builder’s clients with their respective contact numbers. It is essential to know the feedback from the customers that helps to understand the strengths and weakness of the builder.
Check what our Customer says about our projects –

Check Completed projects

Try to know how many projects, the builder has delivered. The decision in choosing the best builder will be based on the quality of the projects the builder has delivered.
Check our Completed projects – https://saketavaksana.com/our-projects/completed-projects/

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