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Vaksana Pride Farm Lands

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About Vaksana Pride

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Vaksana Pride Farm Lands is developed by Saketa Vaksana which is located at Turkapally, Shameerpet Mandal close to Rajiv Rahadary / Karimnagar Highway. Vaksana Pride Farm Lands is an Eco-friendly and best for Agricultural project.
The project has been set up at a land rich in resources like drip facilities, common guest house/weekend homes, electrical poles on main streets, mesh fencing and Farm plots with roads on both sides. This project deals with sustainable Farming & varieties of fruit plantation of 82 plants in 6 Guntas and Best Amenities.
Vaksana Pride Farmlands is a thoughtfully architected creation compromises of a future housing project with an option to build your dream cottage to enjoy the luxury lifestyle in the most economical way.


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  • Farm plots (6 & 7.5 Guntas) with roads on both sides (East & West).
  • Plantation of 82 plants in 6 Guntas.
  • Drip facilities, Common Guest house / Weekend homes
  • Muddy Roads and 6 years free maintenance
  • Electrical poles on main streets and Mesh fencing around the project
  • Gate @ entrance of 60’’ road and Identification marks (color code) of fencing, All Roads
  • Viewpoint and a shed for small functions (Proposed)

Salient Features

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  • 80’ Road from Rajiv Rahadary / Karimnagar Highway marking done by Govt
  • 60’ mud road into our farms / project
  • 45’ & 30 ’ feet roads inside
  • Entrance at North East on East side
  • Hill (Govt land) on South West and 4 bores, Electrical connection
  • Future expansion plans, Godown & Guest house
  • Revenue generation models for Vaksana


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  • Best for Agricultural project.
  • 6 years free maintenance.
  • Proximity & Approach.
  • Good growing area / Focus.
  • High potential and Very well designed and developed.
  • Standard roads 60/45/30’.
  • Easy for conversion and We support even after 6 years.
  • Oxygen rich, lush green place for weekends and 100% Vastu.

Plantation - Design

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Vaksana Pride plantation design


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